Cyclists in the Shoalhaven can report road hazards, including potholes, missing signage, overhanging tree, etc, to Shoalhaven City Council. Cyclists who feel that their report has not been actioned appropriately by council staff can contact the Shoalhaven Bicycle Usre Group for support.

The more cycling hazards that are reported to Shoalhaven City Council, the more likely that our regular on-road cycle routes will be repaired/upgraded in maintenance programs or have ‘Black Spot’ funding provided for them. So, “ON YOUR BIKE AND REPORT ALL CYCLING ROUTES NEEDING REPAIRS!”

Cycling Hazards can be reported  to Shoalhaven City Council during business hours;
Northern area: (02) 4429 3821
Bay & Basin area: (02) 4429 3400
Southern & Sussex Inlet area: (02) 4429 8902

Your request will be logged and a task number assigned with an officer assigned based on the location.

For more complex issues, you may prefer to write to Council for the matter to be referred to the appropriate person for action.