Our aim is to create a better environment for cycling and cyclists.

Our mission is simple:
To promote, advocate, and support cycling in all its forms as an environmentally sustainable and healthy form of transport, recreation and tourism through the engagement of government, industry and the community at all levels.
How do we achieve this?
  • Conserve and protect the natural environment through the promotion of cycling as an environmentally beneficial means of transport
  • Promote the use of the Bicycle as a key element of ecologically sustainable development practices
  • Promote Bicycle transport as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving air and water quality, reducing non-renewable energy consumption and improving land use
  • Promote the use of the Bicycle as a healthy, environmentally sustainable means of recreation and tourism and enhancing accessibility and personal mobility in the community
  • Promote education of cyclists and other road user in the interest of road safety
  • Advocate enforcement of the rights and obligations of cyclists
  • Advocate engineering and equipment appropriate for the use of cyclists
Why do we do this?
  • to promote bike riding as a sustainable means of transport:
  • to protect the environment,
  • to lead people to a healthier, more active lifestyle
  • oh, and because riding a bike’s good fun…
The Shoalhaven Bicycle User Group works collaboratively with the Shoalhaven City Council and the NSW Government, local businesses, other local cycling organisations and the community to provide community-based rides and other cycling events, behaviour change programs and advocacy initiatives.
The most significant work of the Shoalhaven Bicycle User Group focuses on the development and implementation of the Shoalhaven Bike Plan. This plan is directed:by the NSW Bike Plan and this is the key planning tool for promoting cycling in NSW.
The NSW Bike Plan is a comprehensive plan to transform cycling and to encourage people to ride more often and more safely in NSW. The plan represents the largest program of bicycle construction projects and encouragement actions ever prepared
for NSW. Cycling is an increasingly popular and important mode of travel, with more people in NSW discovering the fun, freedom and flexibility of riding their bike. The NSW Bike Plan is a whole-of-government project overseen by the Premier’s Council for Active Living. The plan describes the actions planned to build on the growing popularity of cycling so that our State becomes one of the world’s great places to ride a bike.
More people riding bikes helps combat congestion in our cities and towns, reduces the air pollution and climate change impacts of driving, and makes healthy physical activity part of everyday life. Support for bike-riders is at the heart of the NSW Government’s plans for a healthier, cleaner and fairer State – making this a great place, and time, to get on a bike and ride.