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All members of a Bicycle NSW affiliated BUGs, including Shoalhaven BUG, are eligible for the BUG Membership discount on joining or renewing membership. To receive the discount a discount code is required when purchasing membership on the BNSW website. The discount code for Shoalhaven BUG can be obtained by contacting the Shoalhaven BUG Membership Secretary. BUG members can join online here and when they enter the discount code on the checkout page, the discount will be applied automatically. Alternatively call Bicycle NSW on 02 9704 0800 for more information about their Memberships and to join over the phone. 

Tips for Group Riding from Bicycle NSW


Riding in a group is an exciting experience and can lead to some amazing adventures! St George BUG has come up with some helpful hints to ensure everyone remains safe and has a fun time.

Bike riders cycling together


  • Your bicycle should be in good working order, with tyres pumped and chain oiled. 
  • Do not ride if your brakes are defective.
  • You must wear a helmet – it’s the law.
  • Take a full drink bottle of water and be sure to drink regularly. 
  • Wear suitable clothing – a brightly coloured top is advisable. 
  • Carry a spare tube which is the correct fit for your tyre, a pump and tyre levers. 
  • If the ride is in the early morning or evening, make sure you have front and rear lights. 
  •  A mirror on your handlebar or wrist is an advantage. 
  • A bell is very necessary when riding on shared cycle paths. 
  • Use sunscreen when appropriate – you’ll probably be out in the sun for a few hours.

Riding Etiquette

  • If you haven’t ridden with a group before, let the group know, so they don’t ride too close to you. 
  • Listen carefully to the ride leader’s instructions at the start of the ride. 
  • Watch for hand signals from riders in front of you, e.g. left and right hand turns, slowing or stopping, debris or potholes on the road. The ride leader will show you the signals. 
  • Pass on the signals to the riders behind you, or call them out if you are unable to do them. 
  • Call out “bollard” when approaching one as you might block it from the vision of riders behind you. 
  • Keep to the left when riding, so others can pass you if necessary. 
  • If you pass a rider or walker, call out “passing”.
  • When riding on a road single file is preferred. If the sweep calls out “car back”, it means a car needs to pass, so make sure you keep to the left in single file. 
  • When approaching a roundabout, check behind to see if the road is clear, then take the middle of the lane to go into the roundabout so you don’t get nudged to the side if a car tries to pass. 
  • Always stop for red lights even if the riders ahead have gone through. They will wait for you. 
  • Don’t shout abuse at pedestrians, cyclists or motorists or use rude gestures. 
  • Remember that pedestrians have right of way on most shared paths. 
  • If the group has stopped to wait for you, don’t ride up to the front of the group, but join the back of the group.

Avoiding Accidents

  • Always move yourself and your bike to the left edge of the path when you stop. Not only does this avoid riders colliding with you, it also stops others who use the path from getting annoyed. 
  • Don’t swerve in and out of the group. 
  • Bollards come in all shapes and sizes. Watch out for them on shared paths, slow down and call out to riders behind you to alert them. 
  • When riding up onto a footpath or across a gutter, always approach at a right angle. If you approach side-on, your tyre might not get over the lip and your bike will stop suddenly. 
  • Look out for potholes and tree roots and always be on the alert for changes in the path or road surface. Concentrate on the path ahead. 
  • Watch out for bushes, tree branches or vines that encroach on cycle paths. 
  • Occasionally there are off-leash dogs on paths. Slow down and be prepared to stop as they are often unpredictable and can cause you to fall over.
  •  Ring your bell to let walkers with dogs on leashes know you’re going to pass so they can pull their dog to the side. 
  • Small children enjoy riding as much as we do but many of them zig zag across the path, so be patient, slow down and give them a wide berth.
  • Sometimes soft sand blows onto cycle paths. Avoid sudden braking in soft sand. If unsure, get off and push your bike through. 
  • Loose or stony gravel can also be a hazard, depending on its depth, looseness and on the type of your tyres. Try to ride through evenly and not brake suddenly. 
  • Avoid riding parallel to train and light rail tracks in case your tyre gets caught in them. Don’t brake on wet steel tracks or metal drains as this causes your tyres to slide. 
  • Wooden boardwalks also become slippery when wet. 
  • Don’t attempt tight turns when riding in a group, unless you are confident of following through. 
  • Before riding through any intersection, always check that it is safe to do so – don’t just follow the rider in front. 
  • Don’t ride too close to the rider in front of you in case your wheel clips theirs. 
  • Don’t stop suddenly if you can help it. Shout “stopping” or “slowing” when you’re going to stop. 
  • Look out for approaching hills so you can change your gears before you start the climb.

L’e Tape Australia


L’Étape Australia is the only official Tour de France event in Australia. It is open to riders of all abilities and provides cyclist with the closest experience to riding in the Tour de France an amateur can have.

At the front of the main peloton, there is an official Elite Wave sanctioned by NSW – AusCycling. The best cyclists in the country will come to Kiama, the Shoalhaven and the Southern Highlands to compete in L’Étape Australia.

L’Étape Australia by Tour de France will take place on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 March 2021. On Friday 19 March, only the Event Village will operate. The Event Village is located in Coronation Park (Kiama). Saturday 20 March is the race day and both the Event Village and the Route will welcome riders and their supporters. The detailed route for The Race can be seen here. The detailed route for The Ride can be found here.

Christmas Party 2019

SBUG CHRISTMAS PARTY – Thursday 28th November, starting at 6:00pm.

All members, partners and friends are welcome to attend the 2019 SBUG Christmas Party which will be held at the Cambewarra Estate Winery Restaurant, 520 Illaroo Road, Bangalee, just 230m west of Hockeys Lane.

The meal will include pre-dinner nibbles, mains, desserts and surprises for only $39 for members and $49 for non-members.

Please make payment into our SBUG Social Account;

Bendigo Bank: BSB 633000,
Account Name: Shoalhaven Bicycle User Group Inc.,
Account No: 156 821 456
Don’t forget to add your name in the payment reference box of the Electronic Funds Transfer so we know who has paid.

For further details contact Anne Cornish on 0413 389 376 or Les 0477 902 590

Week away at Myrtleford Victoria

This year’s October away ride for SBUG members is to Myrtleford, Victoria from 28th October to 1st November staying at Myrtleford Holiday Park 8 Lewis Ave Myrtleford ph 03 5752 1598. All rides are on sealed trail trails or roads, suitable for Road or Mountain bikes. 
We have powered sites and Bluegum, Wattle and Snowgum Cabins on hold. When booking quote SBUG or Cornish to find booking. We need to book by end of September. If you are looking to share a cabin, ring Les 0477 902 590 or Anne 0413 389 376. To ensure a spot the sooner you let us know the better. 
Remember Top Parks members get 10% discount. Please contact Les to register your attendance

Christmas in July Dinner

Those interested in attending the Christmas in July dinner on 27th July, 6:00pm, at the ‘Butter Factory’ restaurant, please note we need names , money and choice of food by 13th July.  If you would like to bring friends and make a party all are welcome, come along and have some fun. Remember to dress for Christmas.

Contact Anne at  mailto:cornish460@gmail.com or phone Anne 0413 389 376, or Les 0477 902 590 for more details.

SBUG Trip away in Canberra – 29th October, 2018

Last years midweek rides in the Canberra area were so popular we are doing it again! Some changes in the rides but essentially same arrangements as last time. Dates are Monday 29th of October to Friday 2nd of November, Arrive anytime Monday, for those who would like a possible short ride to the lake and back in the afternoon . Tuesday is a ride around Lake Burley Griffin. Wednesday is a ride to Queanbeyan Thursday is riding to Lake Ginninderra or Lake Burley Griffin As last year, we are staying at Alivio Tourist Park, 20 Kunzea Street, O’Connor, ACT 2602, phone 02 6247 5466. Become a member for free and book online and get 10% Discount .aliviogroup.com.au Best to book right now as this place is central and very popular For those who would like, bring BBQ supplies for one night . For further details ring Les Cornish on 0477 902 590 or Anne on 0413 389 376 Hope to see you there .

SBUG Christmas Party 30th November 2018

The SBUG Christmas Party will be held at the “Dish and Spoon” Cafe, 1A Scenic Drive, Nowra, opposite the Nowra swimming pool, on 30th November at 6:00pm. The menu will be Portuguese Tapas of your choice.

All those wishing to attend the Christmas function need to pay a deposit of $25 per person into the SBUG Social Account as soon as possible so numbers can be finalised.

Bendigo Bank, BSB: 633 000, Account Name: Shoalhaven Bicycle User Group Inc., Account Number: 156 821 456

Please ensure that you include your name as the payment reference so we know who has paid.

For further details contact Anne Cornish on 0413 389 376 or Les 0477 902 590

SBUG Scenic Cruise on Port Hacking River, Sydney

SBUG are organising a scenic cruise on the Port Hacking River on Wednesday, 12th September, 2018.

The three (3) hour cruise is run by Cronulla River Cruises and starts at 10.30am from the Public wharf, Tonkin Street, Gunnamatta Bay (behind the Cronulla Railway Station).

Morning tea is provided along with an interesting commentary of the history of the area. Fares are: Adults $35, Concession $25. Pay onboard the boat.

Bookings are essential. A booking has been made with the cruise company and a holding deposit paid by SBUG. Those interested in attending MUST contact Jan or John Van Duin on ph 4422 8991 or mob 0401 439 310 to reserve your seats. The cut-off date for reservations is Friday, 17th August.

Some people will be travelling by train to Sydney. Train times are as follows;

Catch train from Kiama Station. Departs 7.55am. Arr: Sutherland 9.35am. Depart Sutherland 9.51am. Arr: Cronulla 10.06am.

Afternoon Train Timetable. Depart Cronulla 14.32pm. Arr: Sutherland 14.49pm. Depart Sutherland 14.55pm. Arr: Kiama 16.35pm.

For any further details contact Jan or John on the above numbers.


L’Étape Australia is the only official Tour de France event in Australia. It is open to riders of all abilities and provides cyclist with the closest experience to riding in the Tour de France an amateur can have.

At the front of the main peloton, there is an official Elite Wave sanctioned by NSW – AusCycling. The best cyclists in the country will come to Kiama, the Shoalhaven and the Southern Highlands to compete in L’Étape Australia.