For most children, riding a bike is a rite of passage. But for a child with disabilities it’s often impossible

Technical Aides for the Disabled’s (TAD) Freedom Wheels bikes allow children with disabilities to actually ride a bike for the first time. Even children who cannot walk can ride a Freedom Wheels bike. And the effect is simply amazing….

There is a waiting list of children with disabilities across NSW who are unable to afford a Freedom Wheel bike.

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TAD Disability Services is the only charity in NSW which designs and builds personalised custom equipment to enable people with disabilities to lead more independent lives.

The TAD team of skilled volunteers and staff therapists can assist in all aspects of everyday living, including equipment to assist the development of young children, tools and devices for education, work, recreation, daily living and personal care, and equipment to assist older people retain mobility and independence. In some cases we may also modify a commercially available item to suit individual needs.

Even though many of our solutions appear relatively simple, they make a world of difference to these children.