Membership Application and Renewal Details

Please read all the information on this page to assist in completing the application form.

Membership of Shoalhaven Bicycle User Group Inc. can be obtained by either:
Filling out this Online Membership Application/Renewal form or
By filling out your details on a printed copy of this Membership Application/Renewal form 

Types of Membership

Full Member

Full Membership is open to any Bicycle NSW member residing permanently in the Shoalhaven. Full membership entitles the member to voting rights at monthly and Annual General Meetings and the right to stand for the executive if nominated. If a full member ceases to be a member of Bicycle NSW or moves out of the Shoalhaven their membership will automatically revert to Associate Member. See “Shoalhaven Bicycle User Group Online Membership Application” below.

Associate Member

Associate Membership is open to anyone whose aims and objectives are the same as the BUG but do not meet the Full Membership criteria. Associate Members can participate in all BUG activities, including attending, speaking, and voting at all meetings, but cannot hold executive positions. If an associate member subsequently joins Bicycle NSW and he or she lives in the Shoalhaven, membership will be upgraded to Full membership when the Membership Secretary is informed of the Bicycle NSW membership number and expiry date. See “Shoalhaven Bicycle User Group Online Membership Application” below.

Trialling Riders

Trialling riders are new riders who are not Full or Associate BUG members but sign the ride registration sheet and participate in a BUG organised ride.  Trialling riders are welcome to trial in three (3) rides before deciding whether they would like to join the Club. All riders, including trialling riders, MUST sign the Rides Registration Sheet.

Membership Fees

Full and Associate membership is $10.00 per year. Membership renewals are due on the 1st July each year. If membership is not renewed by the 31st July, membership will cease and the member will be removed from the BUG membership list.


Payment can be made by either;
• Electronic Funds Transfer, if you use Internet Banking OR
• Payment at any branch of the Bendigo Bank.

Bank account details for electronic funds transfer or by payment at any branch of the Bendigo Bank are as follows;

• Bendigo Bank: BSB 633000,
• Account Name: Shoalhaven Bicycle User Group Inc.,
• Account No: 137326617
Please ensure that you include your name as the payment reference so we know who has paid.


Bicycle NSW Public Liability insurance policy covers Accredited Ride Leaders while leading BUG rides. This insurance does not cover all riders on BUG rides. It is therefore highly recommended that riders become members of Bicycle NSW as their membership includes personal accident and public liability insurance cover.

Important Notice – Risk Warning

(Provided by Bicycle NSW)
Cycling can be an enjoyable and exciting activity. However, like many recreational activities that require physical exertion, cycling carries with it the risk of physical injury.

The risks associated with cycling include the risk that:

• You may be involved in a collision with people, animals, objects and /or vehicles
• You may lose your balance
• You may suffer from the effects of heat, cold, wind, rain and other weather conditions
• You may suffer from physical exertion
• You may become separated from the cycling group and
• You may fall from your bicycle

These risks may result in death, bodily injury, disability, property damage and economic loss.
There are other risks to which you may be exposed. You should ensure that you wear appropriate clothing and safety equipment, including a helmet.

By participating in the cycling activities provided by the Shoalhaven BUG, you agree:

• To obey all Australian and NSW road rules
• That your bicycle and equipment is in good mechanical order
• To comply with all directions given to you by employees or agents of Bicycle NSW
• To take full and sole responsibility for any person under the age of 18 year who accompanies you in these cycling activities
• That you participate at your own risk
• That the agreement for services provided to you by the Shoalhaven BUG does not include any implied or expressed warranty that the services of the Shoalhaven BUG will be rendered with due care and skill or that any materials provided by Bicycle NSW in connection with the cycling activities will be fit for purpose for which they are supplied
• That Bicycle NSW has no liability to you for personal injury or death arising from the services that Bicycle NSW provides to you; and to indemnify Bicycle NSW against any claim, loss, damage, liability, cost and expense that may be incurred or sustained by the Shoalhaven BUG in connection with any act, matter or thing done, permitted or omitted to be done by you or which was in any way connected with your involvement in the cycling activities.

General Forms

Click here for a printable Ride Registration form
Click here for a printable Incident/Accident Report form
Click here for a printable Membership Application/Renewal form

Click here to go to Online Membership Application/Renewal form